Improving access to clean water in Burundi


Approximately 24 percent Burundi’s 10.7 million population does not have access to clean water. The majority of these people live in rural areas where they are forced to walk several kilometers each day to fetch untreated water. This contributes to a high prevalence of potentially fatal water borne disease such as typhoid, and is also a major factor in limiting access to education and economically productive activities, particularly for women and children who bear the main burden of fetching water.

The Gazelle Foundation was established in 2006 with a mission to improve access to clean water in this often overlooked country. Since 2009 they have constructed 28 spring-fed water systems in southern Burundi, reaching 54,000 villagers across 139 kilometers of pipeline.

This year the ERM Foundation provided a grant of $20,000 to help the Gazelle Foundation install fourteen water distribution fountains in the Bururi Province of Burundi, reaching 3,850 people. Prior to the installation, there was an infant mortality rate of nearly 20 percent, directly attributable to cases of diarrhoea and waterborne bacteria.

Partner organization: the Gazelle Foundation

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