“Saving the Springtime” – protecting spring migrant birds in Europe and Africa

United Kingdom

Saving the Springtime is an EMEA-wide project, aimed at reversing declining populations of spring migrant birds, with the common swift as the focus species.

The common swift breeds within Europe and migrates to central and southern Africa for the rest of the year. Loss of habitat and nesting sites has contributed to declines in breeding pairs. In 2009, the common swift became an ‘Amber Listed’ Bird of Conservation Concern.

ERM employees across Europe and Africa are working in partnership with the RSPB and BirdLife International to raise funds and engage in awareness-raising activities, including working with school children to help them understand how they can protect spring migrant birds in their own communities.

In addition, a team of ERM’s Geographical Information System (GIS), Database Development and Web Development experts are creating an intuitive on-line swift inventory for RSPB’s website that will enable members of the public, initially in the UK, to upload data on locations of breeding swift populations. When the site goes live in 2017, it will provide a valuable tool to help RSPB better understand and stem the decline in swift numbers.

Partner organization: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and BirdLife International partners

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