Supporting a solar village initiative in Morocco


Community members in the Moroccan village of Imdjahidi are not connected to the electricity grid and rely on local Argania spinosa (argan wood) as a source of fuel for cooking and heating water. This not only contributes to carbon emissions and deforestation, but also prevents women and girls from engaging in education and other economically productive activities, as they bare the main burden of fetching firewood.

The ERM Foundation is working with a French NGO to a support a solar village initiative that is using solar energy to transform isolated, off-grid rural communities into solar villages as a lever for inclusive and sustainable development.

We have provided grant funding and technical support to equip an initial 15 households (~165 people) with solar ovens, and also install a community solar bread oven in the village, replacing the need to cook on open fires or purchase expensive bottle gas. This project will be completed during 2016.

Partner organization: Energie Solaire Solidaire et Dévelopement Durable

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