Start to build a career in a discipline you are passionate about

Our Graduates come from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds but whether you join us as a graduate consultant, intern or a contractor on one of our projects, there is a wealth of opportunity ahead of you.

Every graduate has a personal career development program tailored to include invaluable on the job practical experience with the opportunity to quickly gain in-depth experience in your chosen area of expertise. If you’re unsure as to what area you finally want to focus on, you will also have the opportunity to undertake projects with several of our practices. This will help to ensure you get a strong insight into the areas that particularly interest you, before deciding in what you want to specialize in. 

Becoming part of a great team of like-minded professionals you will collaborate with your colleagues around the world with the opportunity to be selected for national and international transfers or secondments and study support.

Every graduate receives the support and mentoring of our leaders, as well as technical guidance from our team of world leading experts. Regular performance feedback and development discussions, a structured learning curriculum, and clear career path options will help to ensure you achieve your ambitions and give you the chance to make a difference to our clients.

What do we look for?
No matter what their background our Graduates share some common traits. This includes scientific, engineering or relevant specialist qualifications rather than the arts as this best fits our business and provides you with the best long long-term career options.

Most importantly we like to see a passion for your area of expertise, an interest in how our clients can benefit from the application of your technical knowledge and the desire to build positive relationships within your immediate team, ERM and the broader community.