Alejandro Duarte

Team Leader in the Impact Assessment & Planning practice in Colombia

My career at ERM has progressed rapidly. I started as a Field Engineer back in 2006 and within a year I was promoted to Project Coordinator. Keeping up this pace, I went from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager with equal determination and have just become a Partner with the company. Through these roles I have worked across Panamá, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina and now Colombia where I manage a team of 15 people.

ERM invests heavily in its people. There is a very strong business model that allows you to become a Partner with the company and therefore have a share in the business you are working for. Taking ownership of your projects and your career encourages excellent performance, but with a clear strategy to follow and which aligns with global market demand.

Why ERM?
I was first attracted to ERM for its multinational presence, leading market position, innovative work and the daily opportunity to learn about best practices. Then I was excited by the opportunity to interact with recognized experts in different fields.

Since joining the company I have found that ERM also offers several opportunities to grow personally and professionally. The company gives you the chance to interact with people around the world and achieve recognition in your field.

Currently most of my time is focused on balancing our findings from environmental and social impact assessments, previous consultation with ethnic communities, stakeholder mapping, topography and geotechnical surveys, road plan and GAP analyses with IFC standards for different oil and gas and mining projects.