David Neilson

Principal Consultant, London

When I joined ERM Certification and Verification Services (CVS) as an assessor in 2007, I walked straight into a role that aligned with my personal interests and professional philosophy that conforming or complying with sustainability standards and legal requirements is simply not enough.

I come from a background of operational process improvement and consulting. Through this and using the principles I learned in gaining my master’s degree in chemical and bioprocess engineering and environmental management, I see the practical application of these tools as, a great opportunity for organizations to use environmental, health and safety excellence as a positive driver for business performance. ERM CVS helps to unlock that potential.

Since joining ERM CVS I’ve worked in a variety of roles and sectors and travelled extensively, from Europe to Africa and Australasia to America. There is no such thing as a typical day and like many of my colleagues the role comes with multiple hats in multiple locations. My work can take me from behind a desk in London to the back of a Land Rover driving through the North African deserts or navigating the jungles of Indonesia.

Outside of my duties as a management systems assessor for health and safety, environment and energy, and as a greenhouse gas emissions verifier, I act as the oil and gas sector lead for a number of geographies, working in conjunction with other client managers on long-term strategies for the sector. For the last two years I’ve also taken on the responsibilities of a line manager, allowing me to continue to develop my professional and personal skills and those of my two-strong team.

A place to grow
Although I’ve been working for ERM for eight years, I’m still captivated by the sheer variety of the work that we do and the clients that we serve – many of which are household names.

Being able to follow a client engagement through from an initial meeting to designing a unique solution is really satisfying. It means I can truly appreciate the value of transferable knowledge and best-practice processes. Every client engagement provides us with an opportunity to evolve and enhance our services - ERM CVS never stands still. It believes in excellence and continually strives to achieve it.

This constant cycle of improvement and innovation means that my career will also continue to develop – and perhaps soon I will be able to say I’ve woken up on every continent on the planet!