Derek Chubb

Partner with the Impact Assessment and Planning Practice in Toronto, Canada

I joined ERM shortly after the acquisition of Rescan Environmental Services Ltd at a very exciting time for the Company and its business in Canada, where I am based. My mining experience and sector perspective is helping to build Canada’s growth as well as our domestic and international Client base as we expand our services delivered from Canada.

With 25 years’ professional experience focusing on the environmental and sustainability aspects of the natural resource and development (mining) sector, I have worked as a consultant and owner in locations and commodities that span across Canada. I have an in-depth knowledge of the mining industry in progressively senior roles in the diamonds, oil sands, iron ore, and potash commodities.

My role at ERM includes business, clients, projects and people, meaning that I have a mandate to support execution of the business plan, develop and foster a client base, lead and manage projects and people.  My position provides me with the opportunity to share my experience and expertise to help with decision making in this sector at all stages of the mining life cycle. I am also a member of the Canadian Executive Committee.

Standing out
Focus, passion, and people are the three elements I see as setting ERM apart from its competition. Our business is environment and sustainability, not as a subset of something else.  The company is truly global in its reach and has the ability to deliver locally.  ERM is focused on being a strategic partner for its clients as opposed to simply executing commoditized work.