Soli Sanchez

Senior Consultant with the Impact Assessment and Planning Practice in the United States

ERM’s capacity for innovation paired with its extraordinary talented people is what really sets us apart as a company. We are able to utilize active projects as laboratories for new ideas such as methodologies, approaches and best practices enabling us to develop and deliver the best solutions possible for our clients.

ERM people strive to do great work, pushing themselves across geographies and time zones in a truly collaboration culture.  In our work we interact internally and externally with other disciplines, practices and teams around the world. The possibilities for personal and professional growth that this exposure brings to me, was the ‘something special’ that set ERM apart from its competitors.

As soon as I joined ERM I noticed how much value the company put into its employees; investing heavily in career development. This was clearly demonstrated to me when I was selected to participate in a global leadership program.

Every day is different and that is what attracts me the most about my job. It is dynamic and full of different aspects: product development, client interaction, research, or keeping up with the latest developments in the industry. I truly enjoy the ability to learn something new every day and the exposure to clients from different sectors.

Right now, I’m working on a major infrastructure development that will have huge implications to global trade. Being able to participate in this type of initiative is what makes me come to work smiling every day.  I feel so grateful to be doing something that I enjoy so much.  Other projects I am working on are either designed to help clients to manage environmental and social aspects robustly while in compliance with best industry practices (IFC Standards) or to help them to secure their social license to operate.