Susanne Schoenleber

Senior Consultant with the Performance and Assurance Practice in Germany

The most important thing for me about working at ERM is feeling that my work is meaningful. I can help companies with their environmental issues and at the same time contribute to solving emerging problems, like conservation of resources or climate change. I feel my work makes sense.

I mainly work on compliance, management system and risk-related topics which includes conducting audits, compiling legal registers, doing risk assessments, etc. Right now I’m working on an environmental and socio-economic analysis for the redevelopment of an oilfield in Europe. This includes the study of protected areas in the region, as well as the impact on local livelihood and public concerns.

In addition I am also helping to project manage a large audit program in the steel industry, coordinating 40 Environmental Risk Assessments in 12 countries, as well as working for a large electronics corporation that wants to implement an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system in 30 sites around Europe.

Values are important to ERM, and core values – like respect for your colleagues and a focus on sustainability and safety at work – are practices both in the office as well as out in the field. This also motivates people to engage above and beyond their normal project work. So we show our commitment to sustainability through projects funded by the ERM Foundation or local volunteer initiatives like forest clean-ups.

I am a member of the Sustainability Committee for my business unit where we work locally on ERM’s Global Sustainability Program. I’m also a member of the ERM Foundation and support one of our local projects here in Germany where over four days I support a local school, helping them to reduce their environmental footprint. The school kids will be trained in data collection regarding energy and water consumption and waste generation at their school. So we’re raising their awareness and enthusiasm about environmental topics at an early age.

This is something I really enjoy and is another way in which ERM demonstrates its commitment to sustainability