Mining & Metals

Putting safety and sustainability in the spotlight

Mining is a thriving sector. It’s also a challenging sector. Whether it’s a coal or a copper mine, safety is a common and constant challenge for all our clients.

At ERM, we enable mining and metals companies to deliver transformational improvements in their safety performance. With many clients opting to work with us on a program rather than single project basis, we get to see how our services make a real difference in the long-term.

Safety is just one of the operational issues that we address; ERM also provides a range of services that minimize the environmental and social impacts of mining. For example, we help clients:

  • Assess and control water-related risks through innovative modeling and management solutions;
  • Manage resettlements and other social impacts; and
  • Help clients plan for responsible closure and site exit at end of mine life.

By joining ERM, you will be part of the new generation of mining: we don’t just make existing mines safer; we also help clients establish new sustainable sites and ways of working.

From precious metals in South America to aluminum in Africa, we enable mining and metal companies to make the most of the world’s natural resources while safeguarding the planet for future generations.