Certification & Verification Services

Driving better business outcomes through better sustainability performance

Certification and verification can not only help prove performance but also improve it. At ERM, we recognize the key role that independent certification and verification can play in driving dynamic behavioral and organizational change.

Founded in 1996, ERM Certification and Verification Services (ERM CVS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ERM Group. We are dedicated to helping our clients improve their sustainability performance. We offer accredited management system assessment and audit services across a range of norms and standards – shaped to add value to clients.

By joining our team of technical specialists, you will get to work with many of the world’s leading multinational organizations across a range of sectors, including major customers in the energy, mining, power, utilities, transportation, pharmaceuticals sectors plus many more.

The majority of ERM CVS customers have been so for many years – which is a result of our commitment to service excellence and adding value to customers through their audit processes.

Based on front-line project experience, ERM CVS engages leaders and enable change. Our services help clients to:

  • Mitigate the growing environmental, health, social and sustainability risks facing their business
  • Comply with greenhouse gas quotas and validate emissions 
  • Enhance the value of sustainability information through report assurance
  • Develop the skills of their staff through public and bespoke training courses 
  • Improve the reliability and credibility of sustainability data.

We form long-term partnerships with many of our clients, which means you will be able to see that by informing and assuring we help organizations achieve better outcomes and deliver greater value.