Risk Management

Driving down uncertainty, pushing up accountability

Every business is exposed to risk. For clients operating a hazardous installation, such as an oil refinery or natural gas plant, managing these risks is a prerequisite for ensuring sustainable operational performance.

At ERM, we help organizations take a comprehensive approach to risk management. We offer a range of technical risk, safety and human factors services that enable a fully integrated assessment of the hazards and risks that can arise from people, plant and process.

Our risk management services are combined within our overall approach to process safety management. This enables clients to mitigate risks associated with new projects early in the design process as well as to safeguard existing operating assets and decommissioning activities.

ERM’s Risk Management service team works with clients across a range of sectors and geographies helping them to minimize vulnerabilities and maximize accountability. Our skills and services help organizations to:

  • Establish a stronger health and safety culture
  • Safeguard the environment and the welfare of local communities
  • Respond faster to emergencies

As part of our risk management team, you will play an important role in helping to protect people and the planet as well as the revenues and reputations of our clients.