ERM Bowtie article published in The Chemical Engineer by W.Ian Hamilton

31 August 2012

Human Error: In the loop

W. Ian Hamilton

BOWTIE diagrams are commonly used to investigate gaps in risk management, particularly for major accident risk control. However, these diagrams are typically biased towards technical safety, and do not fully represent human and organisational failure hazards, which are in fact the greatest component of major accident risk. This bias could be addressed by applying a simple set of three human failure cases and a strict observation of the underlying logic of the bowtie technique.
Acknowledgements from Ian Hamilton to Martyn Ramsden, Rob Steer and Sandra Lovell for their help and guidance

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Human error: In the Loop

Read ERM Partner Ian Hamilton's article on he integration of human failure into bowtie diagrams, as pubished in The Chemical Engineer. (786KB PDF)