Air Quality Roundtable for the Natural Gas Midstream Industry

ERM hosts complimentary, bi-annual Air Quality Roundtables targeted to Oil & Gas Midstream environmental professionals in Houston, TX. 

Plan for Growth and Sustain Compliance in an Uncertain Climate

Wednesday, 25 September 2019
12:00 - 5:00 pm

As the natural gas industry continues to develop and rapidly expand its infrastructure, these forums provide a space for open dialogue around the aggressive economic goals, stakeholder pressures, administration changes, new regulations, and tight project schedules. 

Register now to join this in-person forum featuring an open dialogue addressing:

  • FERC Updates - GHG, Air & Noise
  • Air Toxics Health Risk Assessments
  • NSPS OOOOa - Rule Changes, Reporting Insights, Pain Points 
  • Updates - Blowdowns, SCR, Methane, 1-hour NO2 with AERMOD 
  • Open Discussion

The Roundtables bring together industry experts and peers to share solutions to today’s air-related challenges. Facilitators include:

  • Jeff Holmstead, Bracewell LLP
  • Jaymie Archer, Williams Company
  • Toby Hanna, ERM
  • Tree Raine, ERM

Lunch will be provided at noon and we hope you will join us for a happy hour at 5:00 pm. Please register by Wednesday, September 18th.

Past Roundtable Discussions

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February 2019 Air Quality Roundtable

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November 2018 Air Quality Roundtable

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Mays Business School, Houston
Texas A&M University
842 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N.
Houston, TX 77024

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