ERM's EMEA Webinar Series 2015


ERM is hosting a number of webinars throughout the year. If you have missed any of our 2015 webinar series, you can now download the slides and view the recordings here.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – are you ready?

ERM Webinar, 14th January 2015

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) aims to bring cost-effective energy savings opportunities to the attention of the company board, trusting the judgement of the board to decide on what, if anything, to implement. This webinar will guide you through the key requirements, main opportunities and potential pitfalls of this new legislation. 

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ERM's Site Closure Webinar Series

In this webinar series, ERM brought together experience from throughout EMEA of what is involved when planning and leading safe, cost-effective and sustainable closure of sites in differing geographies and experience of working with developers on site redevelopment. 

Planning & Budgeting for Site Closure
27th January 2015 

The first of a three part webinar series looking at the issues around site closure. Whether it is imminent or to inform future budget allocations, this seminar looks at the key technical considerations and how to apportion appropriate budget.

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Executing Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition (DDD) Projects - a summary of key considerations
ERM Webinar, 3rd February 2015

Whether it is legacy sites or an ongoing commercial asset, this webinar looks at the key technical considerations that need to be implemented, and associated risks, to enable sites to move from a legacy, closed or mothballed site to an asset that can be safely managed. 

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Site Closure, Exit and Disposal: Maximising the value of your Sites
10th February 2015

The final part of the webinar series looks at how value can be created from redundant assets, and what strategies can be developed to maximise value across your portfolio. 

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Low Temperature Thermal Technology Application

ERM Webinar, 10th March 2015

ERM demonstrates how in-situ thermal has been applied at lower temperatures than traditionally used to achieve the same results more quickly and cost effectively. This may be applicable to your project site.

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Environmental Liability Legislation in Europe - What's New for FY16?

ERM Webinar, 14th April 2015

ERM shares experience of what's new and what's on the horizon in Environmental Liability Legislation in Europe for FY16.

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Project Reviews: A cost effective tool to assist in optimisation and remedial closure

ERM Webinar, 12th May 2015

ERM shares experience regarding the importance of undertaking periodic reviews and optimisation of on-going remedial projects to ensure that the system remains appropriate and is focused on remedial closure goals.

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Article 8 of The EU Energy Efficiency Directive - Managing pan-European Compliance

ERM Webinar, 20th May 2015

ERM provides an overview of the progress of this transposition and address smart options to managing compliance in multiple Member States.

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Risk-based Management of Mercury-impacted Sites

ERM Webinar, 16th June 2015

ERM shares updates about the legislative framework and shares case studies for the effective risk-based management of Hg-impacted sites.

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Managing LNAPL - Technical Update & Strategic Management

ERM Webinar, 22nd September 2015

ERM provide a summary of recent advances in the understanding and management of sites containing Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL).

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