ERM's EMEA Webinar Series 2016


ERM is hosting a number of webinars throughout the year. If you have missed any of our 2016 webinar series, you can now download the slides and view the recordings here.

Living with the Industrial Emissions Directive: What We’ve Learned So Far

ERM Webinar, 29 June 2016

In this webinar, ERM discusses how the IED continues to impact on requirements for the disclosure of environmental information, and how lessons learned from industry sectors who were the first to experience the full impact of the IED, can be applied elsewhere.

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Post Compliance with the Energy Efficiency Directive - How to Deliver Business Value

ERM Webinar, 1 March 2016

This webinar provides the latest update on the requirements which are in place across the 28 Member States to help you plan any final compliance management actions. We bring together regulatory and energy efficiency experts to share examples of the steps that leading companies are taking to deliver business value from their energy audit programmes.

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Low Temperature Volatilisation (LTV) Application

ERM Webinar, 23 February 2016

ERM outline recent case studies and share experience regarding recent implementation of our ‘LTV’ thermal approach.

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