14th Edition Health, Safety & the Environment: What Next?

30 September - 2 October 2019

ERM is sponsoring and speaking at the 14th Annual Conference of Health, Safety & the Environment in Amsterdam on 30 September - 2 October.

This event brings together HSE leaders from across Europe to share knowledge and experience on safety culture and leadership, offering a vibrant networking platform for members of the industrial health and safety community.

This year’s conference focuses on how organizations can refresh their safety strategies, increase performance and extract greater value from their investments in safety – considering topics such as the role of leadership, employee engagement and simplifying safety systems by going back to basics.

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ERM at the Conference

ERM will be speaking at and exhibiting throughout event.

Evolving Nature of Leadership and Its Implications for Safety and Risk Management
Wednesday, 2 October 2019, 09:55-10:40

Kathleen Goossens, ERM Partner for Safety Services based in Belgium, will share case studies during her presentation on the evolving nature of leadership and its implications for safety and risk management.

Meet ERM's experts
ERM experts, including Partners Edna Besnainou and Al Hocking, will also attend the conference to discuss current health and safety trends, and how to improve business and operational performance by embedding health, safety and risk management into corporate strategies, enhancing workplace cultures, and engaging with employees to drive performance.

ERM's Speaker

Kathleen Goossens
Kathleen Goossens is a Partner and divisional Leader for ERM’s Safety services. Based in Belgium & Netherlands, she has over 30 years’ experience, as biochemical engineer and as environmental, safety and sustainability consultant. Over the last 12 years, Kathleen focused mainly on improving safety performance of ERM’s industrial clients. She achieved outstanding results helping companies incorporate safety strategies and programs into business leadership in different global regions and sectors, such as chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, mining and metals. She triggers leaders to better understand true performance, what is driving safe behavior and their role as leader in the organization. Working at all levels in the organization on risk awareness, interaction skills, safety leadership and coaching has enabled positive outcomes and a safer workplace in many companies.


Radisson Blu
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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