CERAWeek 2015

20 April 2015

This was ERM’s 5th year as the sustainability partner for CERAWeek.

As various factors including increasing investor pressure, spiralling development costs and supply/demand dynamics in the energy market continue to shift, we are seeing subtle, and not so subtle, changes of emphasis in the priorities of companies which include reduced capex spend, more caution around new markets/high cost exploration projects and the need to manage risk, compliance and reputation even more diligently. These come at a time of an increasingly competitive war for talent and the constant need to achieve greater operational excellence. All of these continue to challenge industry executives.

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This year we added our thought leadership around some of these themes. ERM has something to offer energy sector clients in terms of how they pursue the regulatory and public approvals needed to explore, produce, and process hydrocarbons, how they develop the capital projects needed to bring that produced energy to market, and how they operate and retire those assets in a safe, compliant, and sustainable way.

To this end, we had speakers talking about improving performance through operational excellence, obtaining a greater license to operate through better stakeholder engagement, the opportunities we are seeing for energy production in Africa and more technically how issues relating to methane are causing clients significant challenges.

Why ERM as a Sustainability Partner?

ERM is completely focused on helping our clients operate in a more sustainable way when they enter new markets, deliver capital projects, work to improve their HSE performance, or retire assets.

As a founding member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, we believe sustainability has to be about improving the performance of organizations across the entire energy value chain, while mitigating their impact on future societies and the environment. Our work around the world has given us unique insights in addressing these issues.

CERAWeek gave us all an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the forces and trends shaping the energy industry and we will be contributing our thought leadership across a number topics this year.

We were proud to be a strategic partner of this premier event in the industry, as we work with our clients for the safe, reliable, and compliant production of energy around the world.

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ERM at the Conference

Operational Excellence in a Shifting Oil Market Environment
Tuesday April 21st at 11:20 am

Over the past couple decades, the world’s leading energy companies have steadily reduced unplanned operational incidents – as reflected by improved safety performance – through organizationally pervasive commitments to OE & RM programs. Amid a lower oil price environment, Programs focused on leadership discipline and continuous improvement are even more critical to maximize operating stability and sustain shareholder confidence.

ERM Chief Commercial Officer Shawn Doherty spoke at this strategic dialogue, focusing on operational excellence in upstream oil and gas.

Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas: What Can the Industry Do to Build Public Trust?
Wednesday April 22, 7:40 pm

Methane emissions from oil and gas systems are receiving increasing attention from policymakers and NGOs intent on meeting more stringent climate change objectives. New initiatives have been announced by the Obama Administration aimed at reducing methane emissions 40 percent or more by 2025. States are also considering imposition of stricter regulatory standards. The industry is responding in a variety of ways to engage stakeholders.

  • How will the regulatory landscape for methane evolve?
  • What could this mean for the future license to operate for the oil and gas industry? What are the strategic implications for companies and investors?
  • What are the innovative responses by industry to address growing concerns over methane emissions?

ERM Senior Partner Braulio Pikman spoke at this strategic dialogue, focusing on the ways proper management of methan emissions could contribute to a sustainable developmen while adding value to the business.

Operational Excellence for Utilities
Thursday April 23rd, 7:30 am

We are mid-way through a multi-decade transformation of operational strategy, elevating the role of operations, and specifically supply chain, to a recognized contributor to margin expansion. Excellence in operations is uniquely positioned to drive value directly to the bottom line, and headline grabbing declines in commodity prices have put operational teams under even greater pressure to contribute to margin preservation or expansion in 2015.

ERM's Global Director of Operations Keryn James spoke at this strategic dialogue, focusing on the impact of the evolution of the Sustainable Supply Chain on supplier relationship management.


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