ChemCon Europe 2018

12 - 16 November 2018

ERM will be speaking at, as well as exhibiting throughout, ChemCon Europe 2018.

For over 20 years, the ChemCon International Conference on Chemical Control and Trade Aspects has been the Chemical industry’s premier international event, highlighting Product Regulatory and Supply Chain best practices and challenges.

ChemCon Europe 2018 in Budapest is a global platform which brings together experts representing companies, authorities and international organizations from over 30 countries. Presentations given by more than 50 speakers from governments and industry will focus in the field of international chemical legislation all over the world, like REACH, GHS and country specific information on inventories, labelling requirements, etc.

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ERM at the Conference

ERM has been collaborating with ChemCon for many years and is pleased to again play an active role, sharing our insights for addressing global product stewardship challenges.

Session 1: European Regulatory Strategy
13 November 2018, 08:00 - 10:00
Jo Lloyd, Partner at ERM, will be speaking on “Member state regulations an overview”, in a panel with representatives of EU authorities such as ECHA and the European Commission.

Session 3: Global hazard communication, liability and CBI
13 November 2018, 13:45 - 15:45
Willi Muenninghoff, Global Business Development Director at ReachCentrum (an ERM company), will speak on “Data sharing and use of data for global registration”, in a panel with representatives of BASF, Merck and 3M.

Session 13: It is small but important - Microplastics, nanomaterials, biocides and cosmetic products
16 November 2018, 10:30 - 12:30
Sam Wright, Regulatory Affairs Lead, will speak on “Compare/contrast global biocides regulations” in a session dedicated to specific regulations that have a big impact on chemical industry.

Session 12: Practical implementation of GHS in the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Including chemical control legislation in Brazil and ROHS
16 November 2018, 08:00-10:00
Session 14: Chemical control legislation in Switzerland, Eurasian Economic Union, South Africa and India
16 November 2018, 13:30 - 15:30
Rudolf Wilden, ERM Global Director of Product Stewardship, will be chairing those two sessions in line with the global scope of ERM Product Stewardship work.

ERM will have a team of experts available for targeted discussions throughout the meeting at our conference booth. We look forward to having the opportunity to play a strategic role in the conversation regarding product stewardship and regulatory best practices.

We partner with global chemical companies to effectively address their full spectrum of strategic and operational challenges, assisting our clients with maximizing their efficiency and mitigating environmental, regulatory, operational, and social risks. In addition to the mission critical services for Product Stewardship and Chemical Lifecycle Management, we work with our clients on:

  • Market entry issues such as due diligence and post-merger integration
  • Delivery of capital projects on time and on budget while retaining a license to operate
  • Performance optimization, particularly with regard to health, safety and environmental issues
  • Planning for the retirement of assets
  • Development of strategies for managing risk across the business and project lifecycles
  • Development of skills, capability and competency, to have the right people doing the right things in the right places

ERM & Product Stewardship

We have all seen that the focus on product stewardship has intensified over recent years due to demand from consumers for greater supply chain transparency and safer, ‘greener’ products. Purchasers, consumers, regulators, and investors are increasingly focused on how and where products are sourced, developed, manufactured, distributed, used, and disposed, along with a product’s overall impacts at each life cycle stage. This focus on product stewardship has also been driven by the growing array of environmental, health, safety and, sustainability (EHSS) regulations.

ERM’s approach to product stewardship not only seeks ways to avoid product impoundment or recall, which can disrupt supply chains, increase costs and damage brand and reputation. It also aims to identify and mitigate these risks while looking beyond them to assess key product and brand differentiators that have the potential to drive innovation, and contribute to the bottom line.

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ERM Contacts

For further information on ERM’s participation at ChemCon Europe 2018, please contact:

Rudolf Wilden, PhD
Global Director of Product Stewardship

Jo Lloyd, PhD
Partner Product Stewardship

Willi Muenninghoff
Global Business Development Director, ReachCentrum

Cecile Rousseau, PhD
Principal Consultant

Sam Wright, PhD
Regulatory Affairs Lead