Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Trainings

Investors, employees, governments, communities, and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding more transparency regarding corporate sustainability performance.

The Global Reporting Initiative offers the defacto reporting standard that enables all companies and organizations to measure, understand and communicate their sustainability-related impacts, opportunities and performance.

As a GRI-certified training partner in the US, ERM offers public and private courses designed for individuals and organizations interested in a deeper understanding of GRI, sustainability and sustainability reporting. ERM offers comprehensive 2-day courses as well as shorter and customized trainings and workshops.

Upcoming GRI Certified Training Courses

What makes ERM the Right Training Partner?

Meet ERM’s GRI Certified Training Team

Why Report?


GRI-Certified Standards Training Courses

2017 GRI-Certified Standards training Dates and Locations

Chicago, IL
Date: 7-8 November 2017
Time: 8am to 5pm daily
Location: ERM Office - 200 South Wacker Drive, Suite 2575, Chicago, IL 60606

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Please note that ERM offers customized trainings and workshops.  For more information, please contact

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ERM Webinar Series on Transitioning from GRI Guidelines to Standards

GRI launched its updated Standards in October 2016. This webinar series focused on ERM’s experience applying the Standards over the past year. and included two distinct offerings - one on using the GRI Standards broadly, and a second focusing on materiality.

Learn more about the series

What makes ERM the Right Training Partner?

  • Our courses are led by experienced practitioners who do sustainability reporting and sustainability program development and implementation for a living and are experts on the GRI framework and standards.

  • We offer highly interactive courses, with many opportunities for student input and feedback. Our courses use “accelerative learning” techniques based on the latest research and are proven to be very effective with adult students.

  • We use exercises that are designed to create customized takeaways for each student, so they have tangible next steps to take back to their respective companies.

  • Our trainers are familiar with changing reporting standards, frameworks and expectations, including the Global Reporting Initiative; industry-specific guidelines, such as the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA)/American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines for Oil and Gas Sustainability Reporting, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index; the Carbon Disclosure Project; the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board and others.

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Meet ERM’s GRI Certified Training Team

James Margolis
ERM’s senior environmental, health and safety (EHS) management consulting Partner and leader of the North American EHS Management System Practice
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Jennifer Eastes
Senior sustainability consultant at ERM experienced in sustainability reports for several Fortune 500 companies using the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and other industry specific tools
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Sarah Barnett
Project manager at ERM specializing in corporate sustainability reporting and disclosures.
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Why Report?

Investors, governments, communities, employees, and other stakeholders increasingly demand more transparency regarding corporate sustainability performance. Publicly discussing sustainability challenges, risks, and opportunities provides companies the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders while enhancing credibility, reputation, and ultimately shareholder value.

In 2016, thousands of organizations published sustainability reports.

  • 81% of the S&P 500 published a sustainability report, up from 20% in 2011

More governments are making sustainability reporting mandatory

  • More than 380 reporting instruments exist in 71 countries
  • 65% of these are classified as mandatory

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“Trainers were superb at encouraging discussion among participants, which increased understanding of various aspects of GRI”

“Exactly what I needed as I move into the GRI area at my workplace”

“The venue was very conducive to the learning environment. The class participants were a very good group with lots of thoughtful questions and discussion points. The trainers were very knowledgeable and approachable for questions.”

“The course run by ERM was excellent overall. The presenters were dynamic and the activities and exercises added a great deal to my comprehension of the material. The presenters also provide many additional resources which were discussed during the class and we spend a good amount of time in constant discussion with one another trying to understand each company’s different sustainability issues and reporting strategies.“

“The program instructor was excellent and very interactive. Good case studies and quality of participants also helped a lot in creating a great learning.”

“The instructors were fabulous! They kept the group engaged and the discussion lively”

“It was a great session and the instructors were very knowledgeable. I appreciated hearing not only their stories from real experience but also the stories of the participants.”

- GRI Training Course Attendees

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Chicago, IL
7-8 November 2017
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