IOA Colombia Energy 2018

23 - 24 October 2018

ERM is sponsoring and presenting at the IOA Colombia Energy 2018.

The inherent challenges facing the sector are heightened by the regional and global context of the energy transformation and the rush to innovate and incorporate a growing level of competitive non-hydro renewables. In some segments of the energy sector, such as hydrocarbons, there is what might be best described as paralysis. In others, such as how to manage renewable energy integration, there are laws and regulations under development but that are relatively unclear as to the implementation strategy and overarching goals. In this event there will be roundtables and panels aimed at informing and assessing the Duque government’s vision and outlook for the energy sector and role for oil & gas and renewables.

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ERM at the Conference

El impacto de las nuevas regulaciones ambientales en Colombia
(The impact of the new environmental regulations in Colombia)
October 23rd - 11:00am
William Feragotto, Socio, Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

Financiamiento sostenible de proyectos energéticos
(Sustainable finance for capital power projects)
October 24th - 9:50am
Alejandro Duarte, Socio, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) 

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ERM Speakers

William Feragotto
Mr. William Feragotto is Partner at ERM and has more than 28 years of experience in the management and business development of services and consulting companies in Colombia, Venezuela & Panama. He has led more than 280 projects, which includes Engineering, Environmental, Social, Oceanographic, Offshore and Commercial Diving Operations; managing multidisciplinary work teams, which completed the projects on budget and schedule, and with high standards. Mr. Feragotto has also provided professional and consultancy services over those years to the mining, oil and gas, energy, and manufacturing sector in different countries which includes: Colombia, Venezuela, México, Puerto Rico, Panama, Guyana, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica and Surinam.

Alejandro Duarte
Mr. Duarte is the partner of the Integrated Assessment and Planning of Environmental and Social Impacts, EHS Finance risks and Safety Performance services. Mr. Duarte has vast experience in the following sectors: oil & gas, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, telecommunications, power, textile and under construction industry in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Suriname, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, also for the public and private sectors, as well as the Equator Principles Financial Institutions and Multilateral banks. As part of his education and experience, he has the knowledge to conceptualize project’s risks or findings using biotic, abiotic, socio-cultural and legal criteria, in order to quantify them economically.


Bogotá, Colombia