ERM Provides Assurance to Eurostar on its Commitment to Carbon Neutral Journeys

08 February 2008

Travellers buying a Eurostar ticket between London and Paris will discover that their train journey is carbon neutral. Simply by logging on the company’s website, travellers will be able to find out what steps Eurostar is taking to support this claim.

The Tread Lightly section of Eurostar’s website describes in detail the company’s approach to managing environmental impacts and delivering carbon neutral journeys. It also highlights the fact that Eurostar commissioned an independent assurance assessment from ERM on the main steps taken to provide carbon neutral passenger journeys.

“There is a great deal of debate about what it means to go carbon neutral and we believe our work with Eurostar on their carbon neutral journeys commitment has helped to improve current reporting and assurance market practices,” commented ERM assurance partner Dominique Gangneux.

“As a result, and on the basis of better transparency and reliability of information, stakeholders are gaining greater confidence in companies’ new green performance and are more likely to reward them further.”

ERM’ assurance statement includes investigations into three main areas:

  • the calculation of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from passenger journeys;
  • the purchase of carbon credits to offset journeys;
  • and the process for ensuring enough offsets have been retired for the first quarter of the reporting period, 14November 2007 to 31 December 2008.

Eurostar’s head of energy and environment, Louisa Bell said: "We wanted to make sure that our processes for claiming carbon neutral journeys were rigorous and believe that the external assurance process was a vital part of ensuring this, so that our customers can have complete confidence in what we are doing."

Eurostar moved to St Pancras station in London, UK, on 14 November.


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