Helping to meet the environmental requirements of North America’s Broadband Infrastructure Application Approval Process

08 October 2009

The application process for funding of Broadband projects under the Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) and Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) isn’t over yet. For some organization, work is still needed to prepare the Environmental Questionnaire, or 'due diligence' phase of the application.
The help required includes:

  • identifying applicable federal, state and local environmental permits;
  • evaluating projects for potential wetlands, critical habitats, floodplains, protected lands, coastal zone management areas, and/or Brownfields impacts; 
  • identify the presence or absence of environmental hazards should your project involve the rehabilitation of existing buildings; and 
  • delivering this information in a concise document that fulfills the Environmental Questionnaire requirements.

ERM has worked on thousands of compliance efforts for thousands of proposed telecommunication tower construction sites nationwide, involving over 25 organizations in the telecommunications industry. 

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