Sibaya Precinct Node 1&5 Sewer Line Expansion

Basic Assessment

Scope of Works

The development of Nodes 1 and 5 requires the construction of a sewer line from point H-C (excluding A-B) (Drawing DH0013-GEN SEWER 01). The sewer line from point H to point E was included in the environmental authorisation for Sibaya Node 1 and Node 5 (EIA/5809). Consequently, approval is required for the upgrade from E to C. This will include:

  • 600mm diameter trunk sewer main from Point E to point B;
  • 700mm diameter trunk sewer main from Point B to the River;
  • 750mm diameter trunk sewer main along the river. The wetland crossing will be done with a pipe bridge;
  • Upgrade of the existing Sibaya Sewer Pump Station to a capacity of approximately 300l/s; and
  • New rising main sewer from D to C (600mm diameter).

Environmental Authorization

Proposed Listing Notice Triggers
The following activity in Listing Notice 1 (Government Notice No. R 983, as amended by GN 327 of 2017) of the National Environmental Management Act (No 107 of 1998, as amended) (NEMA) is triggered by the proposed sewer line expansion. This requires the completion of a Basic Assessment (BA) process.

Activity Triggered Reason
19. The infilling or depositing of any material of more than 10 cubic metres into, or the dredging, excavation, removal or moving of soil, sand, shells, shell grit, pebbles or rock of more than 10 cubic metres from a watercourse; but excluding where such infilling, depositing, dredging, excavation, removal or moving -
  • will occur behind a development setback;
  • is for maintenance purposes undertaken in accordance with a maintenance management plan;
  • falls within the ambit of activity 21 in this Notice, in which case that activity applies; 
  • occurs within existing ports or harbours that will not increase the development footprint of the port or harbour; or
  • where such development is related to the development of a port or harbour, in which case activity 26 in Listing Notice 2 of 2014 applies.
Yes The sewer line to be upgraded crosses over a wetland, and will require excavations greater than 10m³ into the wetland. This activity is triggered due to the excavation into a watercourse of 10m³.

Basic Assessment Process

A BA is a systematic process that identifies and evaluates the potential impacts a proposed Project may have on the physical, biological, chemical, and social environment and develops mitigation measures that will be incorporated in order to eliminate, minimise or reduce these impacts.

The process is prescribed by the EIA Regulations of the NEMA. The process and schedule for conducting a BA under these regulations is shown schematically in Figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1: Overview of Basic Assessment Process

Objectives of the Basic Assessment Process

The objective of the basic assessment process is to, through a consultative process:

  • determine the policy and legislative context within which the proposed activity is located and how the activity complies with and responds to the policy and legislative context;
  • identify the alternatives considered, including the activity, location, and technology alternatives;
  • describe the need and desirability of the proposed alternatives;
  • through the undertaking of an impact and risk assessment process inclusive of cumulative impacts which focused on determining the geographical, physical, biological, social, economic, heritage, and cultural sensitivity of the sites and locations within sites and the risk of impact of the proposed activity and technology alternatives on the these aspects to determine:
    • the nature, significance, consequence, extent, duration, and probability of the impacts occurring to; and
    • the degree to which these impacts can be reversed, may cause irreplaceable loss of resources; and can be managed, avoided or mitigated;
  • through a ranking of the site sensitivities and possible impacts the activity and technology alternatives will impose on the sites and location identified through the life of the activity to:
    • identify and motivate a preferred site, activity and technology alternative;
    • identify suitable measures to manage, avoid or mitigate identified impacts; and
    • identify residual risks that need to be managed and monitored.

ERM’s Role

Environmental Resources Management Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (ERM) has been appointed by Tongaat Hulett Developments (Pty) Ltd to undertake the Basic Assessment (BA) and associated Public Participation Process.


The following documents are now available for download:

Draft Basic Assessment Report

Draft Environmental Management Programme 20Mb PDF
*Please note that due to the large file size, this file will take some time to download

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