Corporate & Sustainability Reporting

More governments, international bodies, and stock exchanges are making sustainability reporting a mandatory requirement. Investors, customers, communities, employees, and other stakeholders are also increasingly demanding greater transparency around corporate sustainability performance.

Businesses are responding to these demands, with 81 percent of the Standard & Poor’s 500 publishing a sustainability report in 2016, compared to 20 percent in 2011. They realize that sharing information about their sustainability challenges, targets, and initiatives helps to improve stakeholder engagement while also strengthening their brand, shareholder value, and competitive advantage.

To ensure their corporate sustainability reporting meets internal needs as well as industry standards and stakeholder expectations, organizations need to be able to capture, evaluate and present large volumes of data from disparate sources.

Effective reporting
Every organization operates in a unique context, and their reporting strategy needs to reflect this. ERM has a proven track record in working with clients across a wide range of industries to define and deliver corporate sustainability strategies, reports, and other stakeholder disclosures that drive business performance.

ERM collaborates closely with leading international organizations, such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, US Business Council for Sustainable Development, and Global Reporting Initiative, to ensure we are helping clients follow the latest global developments and industry best practices. ERM is a GRI-certified training partner - true experts in applying the GRI Standards.

We work with clients to: define their material issues and corresponding metrics; design and implement information solutions to compile information efficiently and accurately; engage internal and external stakeholders; and develop written reports and websites with appropriate content to address key audiences and messaging.

We also help companies respond to other disclosures, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and other investor and customer-specific requests. By optimizing the data collection and disclosure processes, we drive efficiency and minimize costs.

Creating value through sustainability strategies
As demand for transparency and disclosures increases and business opportunities expand, organizations can leverage ERM’s experience and insights to ensure that sustainability disclosures drive improved business performance and value. With our support, the process of developing sustainability reports and websites, inherently a cross-functional exercise, drives internal collaboration, innovation, and improved decision making.

By partnering with ERM, reporting on sustainability performance becomes much more than a communications exercise. It becomes a powerful tool that helps organizations crystallize their sustainability strategy, mitigate risks, improve sustainability and operational performance, strengthen internal management systems, and enhance relationships with key stakeholders.

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