Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Thai corporations embrace sustainability

Bangkok, Thailand

Increasingly, Thai companies are looking to play a larger role in the global market, and this brings increased focus on corporate reputation and transparency. For example, companies in Thailand are taking a greater interest in sustainability reporting, which has been promoted by the nation's stock exchange. ERM Thailand uses leading-edge technical knowledge and communications skills to help clients present their key sustainability messages and data in a manner that meets stakeholder needs in an increasingly transparent and complex social and business environment. By engaging with investors, employees, governments and the public, ERM helps clients identify and balance stakeholder expectations to manage risks and reputation – which is essential to success in the current marketplace.

Since 2008, ERM Thailand has supported a major oil and gas company with its corporate sustainability agenda, such as helping the client achieve its goal in 2013 to be listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Our successful collaboration with this client on its sustainability journey has strengthened our relationship and provided many opportunities to help find and deliver solutions to address its sustainability challenges. With ERM helping to integrate sustainability into business decision-making processes, our client is in a better position to differentiate itself from the competition.