Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Enhancing the sustainability of an underground mining project

British Columbia, Canada

AuRico Gold, Inc. (AuRico), an intermediate gold mining and exploration company, acquired the former Kemess mine site in north-central British Columbia, Canada in 2011 to develop a new underground gold mine project. Since 2013, ERM has been working closely with AuRico to enhance the social and environmental sustainability element of the project and prepare an application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate.

Our project team developed a consultation and engagement plan that involved three key First Nations in the assessment of discharge alternatives and in the review of the baseline and modeling reports for the application. Extensive consultation involved review of all relevant baseline data, collaboration on modeling scenarios and consideration of First Nation community concerns in the discharge alternatives. This approach helped ensure that aboriginal community concerns are considered in the project design and potential impacts are avoided and mitigated accordingly.

This process was modeled on the Guidelines for the Assessment of Alternatives for Mine Waste Disposal from Environment Canada and documented using a consultation tracking database to provide a robust and defensible assessment framework for the project. These deliverables will form part of the application, which will be submitted to the British Columbian and Canadian governments in late 2015.