Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Helping Monsanto site achieve water stewardship gold level

Antwerp, Belgium

ERM has supported Monsanto, a global agricultural company, with implementing the Water Stewardship Standard at its Antwerp site since 2013. The project established an exhaustive inventory of the company's water sourcing and use. In January 2015, the site became the first chemical company in Flanders to receive the European Water Stewardship (EWS) gold-level certificate.

To obtain the certificate, Monsanto committed itself to continue to reduce its water use, building on the recommendations ERM made during its water use inventory. Through a variety of water-saving efforts over the last 10 years, the Monsanto site now saves one million cubic meters of water compared with 10 years ago. For many years, Monsanto has realized gradual improvement of its waste treatment and has minimized the level of contaminants in the site's wastewater in order to mitigate its impact on natural resources and drinking water. Monsanto also recognizes the need to integrate sustainable water management in its business strategy for the Antwerp site.

The EWS certificate, developed by the European Water Partnership, rewards the efforts of companies in the area of sustainable water management. Water management at Monsanto's Antwerp site was assessed against the EWS Protocol by an independent verifier. By using its unique combination of strategic and technical expertise, ERM helped Monsanto improve its understanding of the company's water-related vulnerabilities and business risks.