Sustainability Report 2015

Highlights 2015

Case studies

Integrating global good practices in gas-fired power plant

Edo State, Nigeria

Azura Power is developing a 450-megawatt gas-fired power plant in Edo State, Nigeria. The plant will supply electricity to the national grid and is one of several plants being developed to encourage private sector participation in the power sector. A team of ERM specialists from South Africa, the United Kingdom and Ireland helped develop the environmental and social impact assessment and the resettlement action plan for the proposed development.

The studies met the sustainability standards of the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Nigerian Sustainability Banking Principles. ERM's team identified mitigation measures that could be built into the project design to reduce potential costs later in the project life cycle. This helped secure ongoing public and lender support for the project.

Since project approval, ERM has helped Azura Power remain on schedule and on budget through effective management of critical environmental and social tasks. We applied a project management system aligned with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and IFC Performance Standard 1 to ensure environmental, social, health and safety aspects of the project continue to meet international good practices. Our efforts have promoted the client's robust management of sustainability risks and opportunities, in line with the expectations of Azura Power and its stakeholders.