Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

New ERM Sustainability Council brings strategic focus

London, UK

ERM's Sustainability Council provides strategic, high-level advice to ERM's Executive Committee to align with our ambition as the world's leading sustainability consultancy. The Sustainability Council comprises senior specialists from across the organization. The group brings market knowledge, technical skills and insights from the sustainability world to the Sustainability Council, to enable robust and informed debate on key strategic issues. The newly formed Sustainability Council builds on the work of the former Sustainability Advisory Committee which had been in place for four years.

The Council is working through a series of strategic topics, including our approach to the COP21 Climate Change conference, supply chain management, human rights, the new Sustainable Development Goals, natural and social capital valuation and other strategic subjects.

In the words of Council member Jennifer Eastes, "By providing thought leadership on what sustainability means to our business, our clients and our stakeholders, the Council is acting as a catalyst for positive change in ERM's sustainability policies, programs and performance."