Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Sustainable Reporting for Sustainable Development

Mumbai, India

Several thought leaders from ERM played an important role in GRI's conference on Sustainable Reporting for Sustainable Development in June 2014.

Subir Gupta, ERM India's Chief Executive, led a panel discussion on the usefulness of sustainability reports to readers and information users. Neena Singh, a Partner with ERM India, served on a panel on a recent government bill requiring companies to devote 2 percent of their net profit to corporate social responsibility. Susanne Etti, from our Bangkok office, spoke on the importance of stakeholder engagement in the reporting process during the opening session.

Other ERM experts were involved throughout the conference, sharing their experiences and insights with the more than 200 attendees representing industry, civil society, social services, academia and government. At the conclusion of the proceedings, the participants issued an 11-point declaration on sustainability reporting. ERM is proud to have been a GRI network partner for this event and help advance the state of sustainability reporting in the Indian subcontinent.