Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Expanding our presence in the marketplace

David McArthur
London, UK

As ERM seeks to expand our presence in the marketplace, we have turned increasingly to acquisitions as a powerful tool to complement organic growth.

My role as Director of Acquisitions is to identify companies that share our values, are within the broader sustainability space and allow us to serve our clients more effectively. Acquisitions are an integral part of our growth strategy and serve two strategic purposes for the company: 1) we acquire businesses in our market space that provide us with technical expertise generating additional organic growth, and 2) we acquire businesses to gain a stronger or dominant position in a particular market.

In FY15, we acquired a number of businesses that met either or both of these purposes. Our purchase of Natural Resource Group, with its amazing leadership team, reputation and technical expertise and a focus on the broader energy sector, has allowed ERM to win work we would not have been awarded previously. Safety Design A.S. provided the opportunity to establish business in Norway – a goal of ERM's for some time. The acquisition of ReachCentrum gives us a more prominent position in the chemical sector as we help to secure the REACH registrations for chemical companies enabling them to produce, transport and sell their products in the European Union.