Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Supporting clients globally to develop resilience to climate change

Lisa Constable
London, UK

The impact of a changing climate is an increasing concern for many of our clients. More frequent extreme weather events can disrupt operations and therefore revenue and lead to costly repairs or create unsafe conditions for employees, contractors and customers.

Climate change is often regarded as an unpredictable longer-term risk and therefore it is usually not a high priority despite the significant price paid for being unprepared. I work with clients every day as part of our Climate Risk and Adaptation (CRA) offering to assess the risks posed by climate change and advise how businesses can make their operations more resilient and sustainable on a daily basis.

I am focused on the growth of ERM's CRA offering by consolidating our global experience and building capacity for delivery of these services. Climate change can affect a business at all stages of its life cycle and it is essential the risks be considered from permitting through construction, operations and end of life. With that view in mind, I am working with colleagues across ERM to enhance our ability to help clients respond to climate change, regardless of their business's geography or maturity.

As part of ERM's overall response to climate change on a global scale, I am helping to prepare a number of thought leadership pieces for our participation in the UN Climate Change Summit (COP21) to be held in Paris, France. I will be presenting at an ERM-hosted side event on adaptation and supporting a second ERM side event on climate finance. COP21 will be a significant venue to discuss the effects of climate change in a worldwide context.