Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Gaining insights from client services training

Vincent Sauvaire
Paris, France

As markets have changed over the past few years, we have worked diligently to improve the way we approach clients to serve their needs better and help them enhance business performance.

As part of this, ERM teamed with Huthwaite International to develop consultative sales training to Senior Consultants, Technical Directors and Partners, based on Huthwaite's SPIN® principles (Situation, Problem, Implication and Need-Payoff). I undertook this training, which provided valuable insight into my current style of interacting with clients, to discover how to identify unmet needs for services that ERM can provide. I feel that by understanding the implied and explicit needs of my client and the psychology behind their decision-making, I can be more effective in generating interest from clients and framing a more ambitious and relevant value proposition for them.

As Divisional Managing Director, I would like all key client managers and top opportunity leaders in the Western Europe and North Africa Division to undertake and follow these training modules. We have created a divisional top opportunity development process that follows SPIN principles and, I believe, will enable more productive and valuable interfaces with our clients that address their most pressing needs.