Sustainability Report 2015

Health and safety

Working safely

Our global Health and Safety Program incorporates performance standards covering a range of issues, such as risk determination and management, training, interactions with business associates (including contractors), self-assessment and continuous improvement. 

5 for LIFE

The most material health and safety issue for ERM is the risk of fatality or serious injury (FSI) to anyone involved in our work. In FY15, ERM developed and launched an FSI Prevention initiative, focused on five critical activities and situations identified during our recent global risk assessments which includes:

  • Driver and Vehicle Safety;
  • Travel Safety and Security;
  • Subsurface and Overhead Line Clearance;
  • Marine and Offshore Activities; and
  • Short-Service Employees.

Our program centered on these activities and situations includes:

  • Establishment of global standards governing specific risk identification and control methods;
  • Communications designed to keep awareness of the specific situations and activities at the top of everyone’s mind; and
  • Reporting and monitoring of key performance indicators.

Travel risk management

With travel often a key part of the work we do for our clients, it is essential that we provide the proper support to our employees traveling around the world. This is particularly important given the increased need to travel to more challenging locations.

To standardize and streamline the development, review and approval of Travel Risk Assessments (TRA), we updated and automated our global processes. As a result, we can ensure that employees and those we work with are well prepared for their journey.

ERM's Health Advisor and Occupational Health Nurse help support travelers in preventing tropical diseases and other travel-related health issues. An important part of this role includes providing time-critical advice in response to travel and acute medical issues around the globe. In FY15, we began the development of a globally consistent health medical examination program to ensure our people are fit to travel. We plan to continue development and implementation of this program in FY16. We also plan to update our Malaria Policy and other tropical health training materials during FY16.


Our mandatory health and safety training requirements for new starters help to ensure that all employees understand ERM's approach and to verify that they have the necessary health and safety knowledge needed for their role. Our goal is to have all employees participate in our behavior-based Observation and Feedback Program training curriculum within designated time periods. In FY15, 97 percent of our new hires completed the training within the required time frame.