Sustainability Report 2015

Our performance

Managing risks

We exercise judgment with respect to the clients and third parties we engage with and the types of work we do. We will not work with clients or contractors who do not share our commitment to high ethical standards; we have turned down project opportunities because of concerns involving human rights violations and other ethical issues.

We scrutinize opportunities and projects carefully before proceeding and reserve the right to withdraw from a project if business conduct and ethics concerns arise.

We apply similar rigor to the activities of the ERM Foundation and are careful to avoid any potential ethical or compliance concerns associated with those organizations that we support, including those receiving funding through the Foundation's Low Carbon Enterprise Fund.

For a number of years now, we also have improved our due diligence process for business relationships using our Project Liability Analysis (PLAN) approach. This included embedding a global compliance tool into our opportunities tracking system to search for trade sanctions, bank watch lists, international criminal watch lists and adverse media evaluations. As a result, ERM employees can confirm quickly that third parties are not on government watch lists for corruption, bribery or human rights violations. We have committed to following the trade sanctions established by the European Union and the United States, as well as the United Nations.

Audit Program

As part of our annual audit program, systems and service risk audits were conducted during FY15. These audits evaluate ERM's performance in key areas, such as financial controls, business conduct and ethics, along with child and forced labor. The audits are conducted by teams comprising finance, legal and compliance experts. Results of the audits are used for improving policies, systems, processes and staffing arrangements at a business unit level as well as from a regional and global perspective.

Contractor management

ERM's global Contractor Management Program (CMP) provides a robust platform for contractor risk management. It helps us evaluate and pre-qualify contractors to ensure that they adhere to the key elements of our Code of Conduct, including those pertaining to human rights, labor practices and anti-bribery and corruption, as well as a wide range of other important issues such as ERM's health and safety and insurance requirements. If any key contractors do not meet our criteria, we work with them to improve their processes and performance.

The program has been implemented fully in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Australia and New Zealand and will continue to be implemented in other ERM business units going forward.