Sustainability Report 2015

Progress on key issues

Results against targets

We saw mixed performance against the targets we set ourselves for FY15, which is explained in each section of the report. We have taken these results into account as we set our targets for the next year and beyond. 

The following tables offer a summary of our results against our sustainability targets. Detailed information on our performance data is provided in the supporting data section of this report.

Targets we met or exceeded

FY15 targetResult
40 hours training per employee (FTE)  44.9 hrs per FTE
Voluntary turnover ≤ 13% 10.9%
Ratio of female to male Senior Consultants increased by an incremental 5% (from 29.8
% in FY14 to 31.3% in FY15)
Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) 3-year rolling average at or below FY14 results of 0.531 0.49
Fatality and serious injury prevention initiative developed and launched Completed
No fines or non-monetary sanctions for material non-compliance with laws or regulations2 No material fines or non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws or regulations
Complete Climate Resilience Strategy for ERM Completed
Active leadership in WBCSD Vision 2050 and Action2020 platform Completed
1% contribution of prior year profits to global sustainability initiatives 1.1% of profits contributed ($1.2 million)
All five core practices sold to more than 50% of Global Key Clients 52%

Targets we did not meet fully

FY15 targetResult
Ratio of female to male Partners increased by an incremental 5% (from 18.7 % in FY14 to 19.6% in FY15) 19.1%
Annual TRIR at or below FY14 result of 0.461 0.54
100% compliance with FY15 mandatory training requirements for health and safety and business conduct and ethics (BC&E) 97% of health and safety and 98% of BC&E mandatory training for new starters in required timeframe
3% reduction in total GHG emissions per employee (FTE) from FY14 No change from FY14
Further development of process for identifying, prioritizing and managing risk
throughout our value chain
Ongoing development
Sales to Global Key Clients (GKCs) increased from FY14 to FY15 No increase in sales to GKCs
Proportion of large projects increased from FY14 to FY15 A consistent proportion of large projects maintained
Approach developed and piloted for quantifying the sustainability impacts of projects Ongoing development

1 Data restated from prior reports. See the Supporting data section of this report for details.

2 Excludes tax citations and violations.