Sustainability Report 2016

Clients and society  

Data presented here support the financial performance and contributing to society sections of this report and include data from FY16 acquisitions.

Global sustainability initiatives: ERM's contributions FY14 - FY16 ($',000)


Pro Bono Time1 503 360 244
Direct Contributions  
Matching Funds2 162 197 222
Charitable Contributions3 62 74 15
Operational Support4 592 509 504
Membership5 119 105 113
Total 1,438 1,245 1,098
Percent of Profit6 1.04% 1.13% 1.00%
Employee Contributions
Fundraising7 222 263 305

1 Pro bono hours are registered by consultants on approved projects. Pro bono time is calculated at 80 percent of hourly chargeout rate.  
2 Matching funds were 50 cents for each dollar donated (North America) or a dollar-for-dollar basis (other regions) in FY14. This was adjusted to 75 cents for each dollar donated for all regions in FY15 and FY16..
3 Charitable contributions made to organizations other than the ERM Foundation.  
4 Operational support includes salaries and direct costs for employees responsible for the ongoing operations of the LCEF and the ERM Foundation and other professional support costs.
5 Membership fees for global sustainability-focused organizations, where ERM actively contributes to thought leadership activities.
6 Calculated from prior fiscal year’s Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Amortization (EBITA).Therefore, FY14 percentage calculated using FY13 EBITA, FY15 percentage calculated using FY14 EBITA and FY16 percentage calculated using FY15 EBITA..
7 Funds raised by employees to support the ERM Foundation and other charities/nonprofit organizations.

Our clients

Economic value generated and distributed