Sustainability Report 2016

Data presented here support the our people section of this report. ERM acquired a number of organizations during FY16, and employees of these organizations are included in the data, unless otherwise noted.  

Training FY14 - FY161 (hours per FTE)


Training hours relating to our Aspire program have been included in FY16. Data for FY15 has been adjusted to include the training hours from the Aspire program.
Organizations acquired in FY16 have not been included due to system limitations.

New hire mandatory training

ERM requires all new hires to complete a curriculum of mandatory training upon joining the company. Data presented below illustrates the percent of our new hires that completed training within the required timeframe. There were follow-up efforts to ensure those who did not meet the original timeframe ultimately completed the training. For more information on health and safety and business conduct and ethics see the relevant section of this report. 

Health and safety new starter mandatory training FY14 - FY16 (% compliance)



Business conduct and ethics new starter mandatory training FY14 - FY16 (% compliance)



Employment breakdown

Voluntary turnover