Sustainability Report 2016

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ERM reports key environmental risks for clients in India


Over the last 25 years, India has achieved one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world. With this rapid economic growth, environmental risks in the country have the potential to materialize at an unprecedented speed and scale, the significance of which can often be missed through conventional risk mitigation strategies.

To help clients understand these risks, ERM conducted a survey on Environmental Risk to Fixed Asset Investments in India. We published the survey results to contribute to the wider discussion on how businesses can manage these issues.

ERM has operated in India since 1995, with more than 150 full-time professionals in the country now working out of offices in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Kolkata and Mumbai. During the past 21 years, we have developed a deep understanding of how environmental issues can affect business outcomes.

The findings of Environmental Risk to Fixed Asset Investments in India were based on responses from operators and managers of large operating companies that have procured or plan to procure environmental services. The most common risks identified included a lack of regulatory compliance, environmental degradation, resource shortages, impacts to human health and safety, natural hazards and a changing regulatory framework.

The survey showed that businesses in India and their stakeholders are taking greater precautions to identify and manage their risks. ERM collaborates regularly with clients in India to understand their unique operating contexts and the evolving regulatory structure, and helps them incorporate risk management throughout the life cycle of their operations.