Sustainability Report 2016

Case Study

Highlights 2016

The business of sustainability

London, UK

ERM's new five-year strategy is a major milestone in our growth journey.

Developed during FY16 with engagement from our employees, along with external inputs, our new strategy leverages the strength of our existing platform developed over the past 45 years and sets out opportunities to respond to the needs of a changing world. We feel it is crucial to be oriented completely to what clients want from us, with a clear emphasis on innovation to meet their needs. By embracing the digital and technology worlds as fundamental components of our future, we will create more value-added insights and cost-effective solutions.

We are responding to the evolving needs of our clients through building on the core services of the business and the things that have made us successful – including our values and commitment to the safety, health and security of our people, our key client program, our technical capabilities, our risk management tools and ERM’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and the ERM Foundation.

Sustainability and business are now inextricably linked. As experts in the field, we play a role in helping companies achieve their objectives and understand the positive impacts they can have on the wider society and the environment, and in doing so, make their businesses more sustainable. We intend to contribute more to the global dialogue on sustainability and expect our work on these challenges and opportunities to support the growth of our business as a result. ERM, the business of sustainability.