Sustainability Report 2016

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Strengthening ERM's Chemical sector team

Jaydeep Sathaye
New Delhi, India

My focus is on helping clients in the chemical sector. On my journey to becoming a Partner at ERM, I have worked on chemical sector projects, learned about the needs of clients from India and those entering India, and looked for opportunities to use my knowledge and skills to meet their business objectives in our rapidly growing economy.

I was promoted to Partner from ERM’s Partner-in-training Program in 2015. As a Partner, my role is to grow our business and build capability focused on the chemical sector through leveraging the expertise of all our technical practices in India. My work with chemical sector clients focuses on developing solutions to the environmental, health and safety, and community challenges they face.

I am a geologist by training and have worked in consulting throughout my professional career, primarily in site investigations and groundwater protection programs. After graduate school in the United States, I stayed in the country and worked for a number of years. I returned to India in 2008 with ERM, and it has been a very enriching and exciting time since. The chemical sector in India is growing, with greater focus on product innovation and sustainability. Using our expertise in local and international requirements and solutions, my team helps clients address their sustainability challenges and opportunities.

At ERM, there are many examples of  collaboration and efforts towards being more sustainable globally. For example, as part of our work with the ERM Foundation, I joined others in the Delhi office to plant saplings of native species within a large, abandoned quarry as part of a plan to rehabilitate this urban area and convert it into a biodiversity park. The saplings have now become young trees, and the biodiversity park has several birds and animals as residents in addition to being a wonderful place in the city for walkers, joggers and anyone who appreciates greenery and a bit of quiet. This year, I am working with others in India on evaluating a proposal for ERM Foundation funding to assess and mitigate risks from the recovery of lead from lead acid battery recycling in our country. This exemplifies how I, along with my colleagues, can live out our personal commitment to sustainability.