Sustainability Report 2016

People Profile

Highlights 2016

Shaping future leaders through ERM's Aspire Program

Wanjiku Githinji
Nairobi, Kenya

I joined the ERM Nairobi office back in August 2014 as a Senior Consultant specializing in the power sector, particularly in renewable energy projects, including many in Kenya and across East Africa.

I had heard of ERM's Aspire Program, which focuses on nurturing talent to develop future leadership, and I was understandably delighted to be selected as one of 40 employees from the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Region to take part in 2015.

The Aspire Program has been an amazing opportunity for me to meet and collaborate with colleagues across the region and beyond, allowing me to appreciate ERM's global reach and capabilities. To date, Aspire has been a wholly positive experience. Over the coming year, I hope to utilize the program to network further with colleagues, develop my business and people management skills, draw on the experiences of my Aspire "mentor" to refine my management strategies and financial skills, deepen my understanding of the business and the market in which we operate, and embed ERM's strategy and business model into everything that I do.

My personal goal is to use the experiences gained through the Aspire Program as a catalyst for career development, including serving our clients more effectively. I also intend to share my learnings with colleagues within the Nairobi office, to coach and mentor others going forward.