Sustainability Report 2016

Our people

Developing talent

ERM employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential and enjoy a long and rewarding career with the company.

We invest in the future of our people through a focus on learning and development.  ERM provides opportunities for ongoing learning across a variety of subject areas related to technical, business and personal growth.

Through the ERM Academy, we offer a wide range of learning opportunities that support both our business goals and the individual career objectives of our employees. We offer employees development to enhance the skills, knowledge and behaviors they need to adapt to a changing market, which is aligned with our career framework at each level. These development opportunities help employees enjoy productive and rewarding careers at ERM and support their personal and professional growth.

Every new employee completes mandatory training and local onboarding activities through the Academy to ensure they can carry out their work safely and in compliance with the governance requirements and policies of ERM, our clients and relevant legislation.

ERM offers a mix of classroom, digital and informal educational approaches. In addition, technical experts work with the learning team to offer specialist learning curricula. These typically include a blend of customized digital, external professional training and on-the-job learning, with all activities aligned to ERM’s performance management and development process.

We also help employees broaden their expertise through knowledge sharing. ERM’s knowledge management system enables our teams to access client information and technical resources in real time. This platform allows us to pool our global experience and source the right local, regulatory, cultural and language skills to support client projects worldwide.

We introduced Managing at ERM, a blended learning approach of instructor-led webinars, face-to-face sessions and on-the-job assignment, to increase the quality and frequency of conversations our managers have with their direct reports. In addition, we supported the new PM@ERM course, which focuses on some of the most critical elements of project management that influence the financial success (or failure) of a project. In FY16, we implemented a new Employee Engagement survey tool to enable us to gain more effective insights on a range of parameters that can be aligned with industry benchmarks. We have met the KPI of setting a baseline for ERM, utilizing the Engagement and Enablement Index scores for professional services firms, which enables us to prioritize and focus our efforts going forward.