Sustainability Report 2016

Sustainability at ERM

Feature articles

This year we have developed a series of feature articles to describe the approaches ERM consultants use to support our clients. By providing technically sound and innovative solutions to tackle sustainability challenges, we help businesses reduce risk and optimize their positive impacts on the world around us.

Product stewardship services and product sustainability 
With an increased focus on managing environmental and social risk throughout the product life cycle, clients access ERM’s global team to optimize their business value by supporting product compliance, mitigating risk and creating market opportunities.

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Sustainable solutions for TMT and power sectors 

Environmental, social and geopolitical factors are requiring innovative responses in two evolving sectors: technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) and power. For example, we are partnering with TMT clients to address challenges ranging from human rights to energy and safety management required for large data centers across the world.

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Building a community around innovation                                       

Our clients face increasingly complex challenges in a fast-moving world. ERM delivers the innovation needed, from new business opportunities to better approaches for managing risk. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for our work, our employees offer new ways to meet client and business needs.

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Robust tool ensures safety, health and security of ERM teams during travel 
ERM routinely supports clients in remote and challenging locations around the world. Ensuring our employees and those we work with are safe, healthy and secure are critical priorities. The risks associated with the travel of ERM employees are managed through our award-winning Travel Risk Assessment process.

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The path to achieving sustainable safety 

One of the most critical issues our clients face is the ongoing safety of their employees and operations. The path to achieving Sustainable Safety – a term ERM uses to describe an effective, self-sustaining safety and risk management approach – requires real leadership.

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Post-merger intergration - a practical perspective                                       

Company transitions can be chaotic events. People, programs and procedures that were previously relied upon may vanish, forcing teams to forge new relationships and adopt new systems. Whether working with an acquiring, acquired or divested business, ERM helps clients manage these changes.

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ERM's engagement in sustainability challenges 
2015 was the culmination of several significant global sustainability events and initiatives, which have impacted organizations across sectors and geographies. As active participants and collaborators in the wider world, ERM’s Partners, Technical Directors and consultants have made valuable contributions to the sustainability debate.

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Advancing sustainability reporting and disclosure 

For more than two decades, ERM has been at the leading edge in helping advance public sustainability reporting and disclosure. We are recognized experts through our contributions in developing reporting global standards, frameworks and expectations and translating this knowledge and experience to practical advice for clients.

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