Sustainability Report 2016

Stakeholder feedback is integral to ERM’s sustainability reporting process. The following table summarizes the issues raised by our stakeholders, along with links to information on how we respond to these issues.

Feedback from ERM's stakeholders 

StakeholderIssuesERM response in this report
Employees      Health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients and those around our work sites are protected.

Program elements
Accomplishments; Managing risks

Business growth and positive financial performance to ensure the long-term viability of ERM, our contribution to clients and our impact on the communities in which we operate. Financial performance; Impact through client work
Environmental impact of our own offices and operations as well as the effects of our project work with clients on the environment. Environmental footprint
Greenhouse gas emissionsImpact through client work
Attracting talent in order to meet growing and evolving demands from clients in new and existing markets Creating opportunities
Staff retention supported by a culture that nurtures success, rewards performance excellence and provides opportunities for professional growth and technical innovation that contributes to the greater good of the world around us. Creating opportunitiesInspiring leadershipDeveloping talent; Contributing to society
Training and development to equip employees with the technical and professional capabilities to grow, develop and be successful. Developing talent
Values and principles of the company guiding day-to-day decision-making and culture of the organization. Business conduct and ethics
ERM Foundation
Security of personal and financial information Managing risks
Clients       Business conduct, guided by programs and policies to ensure that ERM employees and contractors meet high ethical and legal standards and comply with relevant laws and regulations. Business conduct and ethics
Health and safety of employees, contractors and the community, in particular the elimination of serious incidents, is a critical aspect of all forms of work for clients and ERM projects, from planning through execution. Program elementsAccomplishments
Operational efficiency through projects we undertake by helping clients deliver products and services in the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring high quality and the safety of all involved. Impact through client work
Risks inherent in project execution managed through ERM's thorough programs and policies. Managing risks
Resource availability to ensure that projects are staffed with appropriately qualified people in terms of technical expertise and skills, sector experience, location, language, cultural sensitivities and availability. Creating opportunitiesInspiring leadershipDeveloping talent
Increasing constraints around climate change, water and biodiversity warrant creative integrated solutions from ERM’s technical experts. Energy transition; Resource constraints; Increasing regulations
Security of data and business-sensitive information Managing risks
Investors     Business growth that builds the capacity for ERM to continue to deliver outcomes for our clients. Financial performance; Impact through client work
Innovation that empowers ERM to understand and respond to the changing needs of clients and investors. Thought leadershipImpact through client work
Staff retention based on our ability to provide exciting and rewarding careers for our employees. Creating opportunities; Inspiring leadership; Developing talent
Contractors Business conduct and health and safety programs and practices in place to comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as ERM and client requirements. Business conduct and ethics Managing risks
Communities Supporting the development of local communities and the environment through our work with clients and the ERM Foundation. Impact through client work Contributing to society
Governments   Business conduct that ensures ERM employees and contractors comply with relevant laws and regulations. Business conduct and ethics;
Managing risks
Health and safety programs and policies in place to protect ERM employees, contractors, clients and the communities in which we operate. Program elementsAccomplishments; Managing risks
Nongovernmental organizations  Business conduct programs and practices ensure that ERM employees and contractors meet high ethical and legal standards and comply with relevant laws and regulations. Business conduct and ethics;
Managing risks
Protecting communities and the environment by leveraging ERM’s technical expertise to address environmental and social challenges. Contributing to society; Impact through client work CThought leadershipting to society
Business and industry associations Innovation from our work with clients that results in new solutions that can benefit other companies in the sector. Impact through client work
Thought leadership
Academics  Innovation from a trusted source that inspires others and leads to new approaches. Impact through client work;
Contributing to society
Values demonstrated by ERM in how we deliver our client projects and contribute to thought leadership on sustainability challenges. Impact through client work
Contributing to society

 Highlights featured throughout the report provide further practical examples of how we address issues important to our stakeholders.