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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) issues new guidelines – what will these mean for business?

Since the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework, introduced its ‘G3’ guidelines for sustainability reporting in 2006 there has been a significant increase in sustainability reporting. Over 6000 companies globally now produce GRI reports, part of an increasing trend which looks set to continue despite a challenging economic climate.

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Business Challenge: Conducting sustainability audits to drive performance improvement and ensure data accuracy for reporting

The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan is Unilever’s groundbreaking and ambitious roadmap to achieve its growth vision in a way that increases the social value of its brands while simultaneously reducing its environmental impact.  Unilever will report its progress to achieving the goals set forth in the USLP and therefore Unilever wanted to ensure that the Sustainability data collected and reported by its manufacturing sites was accurate.