As a leading global provider of environmental consulting services, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint through the effective management of our offices and assets, business activities and client project work.

Environment is a key focus area within the UN Global Compact and, as a signatory, we strive to embrace its core values and promote these values within our sphere of influence.

We recognize the benefits of setting greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in line with climate science. Our goal is to set 5-year targets for greenhouse gas emissions by the end of FY18. We are progressively relocating our offices to more resource-efficient buildings and to areas with improved public transport links to help reduce the commuting footprint of our employees.

The services we provide to clients provide many opportunities to help reduce environmental impacts and drive innovation throughout the world. Our projects relate directly to critical issues, such as climate change, waste management, natural capital, resource efficiency (water, land use and natural resources) and biodiversity – each of which is identified within the Sustainable Development Goals. ERM also provides both strategic and technical advice to clients on understanding, managing and measuring product sustainability and life cycle impacts.

ERM’s Executive Committee has primary responsibility for our environmental performance. ERM’s Global Sustainability Policy and our Sustainability Approach guide our environmental roadmap.

Learn more about Environment at ERM in our 2017 Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report

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