ChemCon The Americas 2016: International Conference on Chemical Control and Trade Aspects

17 - 21 October 2016

ERM is the Sustainability Partner at ChemCon The Americas.

For almost 20 years, the ChemCon International Conference on Chemical Control and Trade Aspects has been the Chemical industry’s premier international event highlighting Product Regulatory and Supply Chain best practices and challenges. But the main goal of the conference is to reach beyond the industry by providing relatable presentations, special topical sessions, and networking opportunities that can't be found anywhere else.

This year’s America’s meeting will feature presentations given by more than 35 speakers from governments and industry who will focus in the field of international chemical legislation all over the world, like TSCA-reform, REACH, GHS and country specific information on inventories, labelling requirements, etc.

ERM at the conference

ERM is the Sustainability Partner at ChemCon The Americas and also an active participant. 

Thursday 20 October 

ERM Principal Consultant Eunjai Shin will be speaking in the Korea Session: Implementation and practical preparation for K-REACH registration; registration, IT-system, testing, data analysis and quality.

Are you ready for the new reality?
Are you finding yourself being asked to do more with less? The regulations keep coming. The complexities of the regulations keep increasing. Meeting organizational objectives is becoming more challenging as resources tighten and expertise thins. In this global marketplace, increasingly burdened with new chemical control regulation, GHS demands, packaging /distribution/transportation challenges, green chemistry initiatives and significant Value Chain challenges, even the largest organizations are finding themselves struggling to maintain the necessary scale of product sustainability services and expertise. The majority of product sustainability organizations find themselves ballooning and still not able to keep with targeted regional, country-, or end-use specific regulations at level of assurance necessary to support growing global business objectives.

Shaping a sustainable future with the world's leading organizations
ERM stands ready to partner with our clients supplying people, processes and tools to meet the “New Reality” head on. We maintain the expertise that most organizations cannot house internally, to address critical regulation change and complexity with capabilities in all regions in support our global partners. Many of our senior staff has come directly from industry and both understand the challenges you face along with the need to align product stewardship programming with your business drivers and objectives. Our sensitivity to your specific issue is not lost in a mill of expertise, but rather ERM wants to understand your business, your needs and your goals to truly partner with you in delivering premiere product stewardship/sustainability programming and business success.

As the leading global sustainability consultancy, ERM supports Chemical Industries worldwide with unrivaled Product. EHS, risk, social and operational sustainability related support. With over 150 offices in 42 countries, our more than 5,000 strong multidisciplinary specialists provide second-to-none services to clients globally, committed to consistency, professionalism and highest quality. We partner with global chemical companies to effectively address their full spectrum of strategic and operational challenges. We assist our clients with maximizing their efficiency and mitigating compliance, regulatory, environmental, operational, and social risks. These are just a few of the areas in which our Product Sustainability practice partners with clients:

  • Product Compliance programming globally (REACH, K-REACH, TSCA, Ag, Food, Pharma, Cosmetics)
  • Global Hazard Communication including all regional and country-specific implementation
  • Scientific Support for exposure and risk assessment
  • Green Chemistry and Sustainability initiatives and programming
  • Life Cycle Assessments and Management; Responsible use of Resources and Waste minimization
  • Transportation, Distribution and Packaging
  • Regulatory Auditing, Transactional Services and Post-merger Integration
  • Information Systems support and programming
  • Supply Chain and Value Chain support


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ERM Contacts

Dr. Rudolf Wilden
Partner / Product Sustainability Lead

John Phillips 
Technical Director
North America 


Eunjae Shin
Principal Consultant
Asia Pacific