HSE Excellence Europe Forum

19 - 21 May 2015

Achieving a sustainable step change in safety performance and culture does not require more processes – it requires breathing new life into existing safety programs through equipping leaders and empowering the workforce with the practical skills to effect change.

Every year, the HSE Excellence Europe Forum brings together HSE seniors from major blue chip companies from a wide range of sectors and provides a platform for sharing valuable knowledge and best practices with regards to health, safety and the environment.

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ERM at the Event

This year, ERM is proud to be the workshop sponsor at the HSE Excellence Europe Forum that will take place in Luxembourg on 19-21 May. ERM will lead a hands-on interactive session on hazard recognition and high-impact leadership engagement techniques on day 3 of the conference.

Join us at the 9th Annual HSE Excellence Europe Forum where you can learn more about ERM’s approach to Sustainable Safety and how we can help you unlock the power of your people and processes.

ERM Workshop Leaders

Kathleen Goossens, Principal Partner

Kathleen Goossens is a Partner at ERM Belgium & Netherlands and leads the Divisional Safety Team. She is a biochemical engineer with 30 years of professional experience. Since joining ERM over 20 years ago, Kathleen has assisted multinational companies from a wide range of sectors – including chemicals, pharmaceutical, mining and metals – with safety and environmental compliance, in-depth and advanced safety and environmental management system reviews, safety improvement processes and corporate sustainability strategy. She has participated in and led safety diagnostic assessments and coached safety leaders in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Carole Smets, Partner

Carole Smets is a Partner at ERM France. She has 17 years of professional experience in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) assessments and management systems. Her work focuses on helping clients to create business value by improving environmental and safety performance. Carole provides support to large multinational companies in the oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and mining sectors in the implementation of both EHS and ESG management systems. In addition, Carole assists clients to implement safety cultural improvement programs, accident root cause analysis and provides leadership safety training. Prior to joining ERM, Carole also worked in the fields of Impact Assessment and Industrial Risk. 


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Making Safety Work

06 May 2015

Learn more about how ERM can help your company achieve sustainable safety in Kathleen Goossens' articleMaking Safety Work.